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Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.

Lancaster Twp Fire Dept. – HD RESCUE PUMPER

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Lancaster Twp Fire Dept. – HD RESCUE PUMPER
Bauman PA Lancaster County

Delivery ID: 31455

For more information, please contact: Curt Woerth at curt.woerth@glickfire.com

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Delivery Description

Year/Make/Model: 2018 Pierce® Arrow XT™

Type of truck: Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper

Designation: Rescue 66

Engine: Cummins® L9 450HP

Transmission: Allison® EVS3000

Pump: Hale® Qmax-200 2000 GPM single stage pump with MIV Valves

Water tank size: 750-gallon water tank


Seating: 6-man cab with 10” raised roof


Additional details:

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