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Stock Fire Apparatus

Stock Fire Trucks For Sale –

Are you planning to purchase a fire truck? GLICK also has stock fire trucks for sale. Stock fire trucks can be a great way to reduce the cost of a new truck. Pierce and GLICK have already-built stock fire trucks, fire engines, aerials, and pumpers available for purchase and quick delivery. Since these units are ready to go, there’s no waiting for the truck to be built. A stock truck or demo unit can be prepared, delivered and ready for duty in as little as a few weeks.


Stock fire trucks still allow for customization.

These units are usually built for demonstration and will generally cost less than a fully custom rig. That doesn’t mean you are stuck with that exact configuration. Many items can still be changed out to better suit your department’s needs. Compartments can still be configured, lights can be installed or swapped. If you have your specs for your next truck, compare them with these stock fire trucks for sale, you might find exactly what you were looking for!

Stock fire trucks available at lower cost.

Stock fire trucks generally cost less than a custom ordered unit. The reason? Under normal circumstances, stock fire trucks were built for show and demonstration purposes. A stock unit will have a few miles on them, but will be in otherwise new condition.

Stock fire trucks still include a warranty.

Depending on when they were built, a stock fire truck will still have the manufacturers warranty. Other components (engine, transmission) will also have the remainder of their warranty transferred to the buyer.

Purchasing a stock unit.

Stock fire trucks for sale have the same purchase and lease options as a new custom apparatus. Do you think your department might be interested in purchasing a stock fire apparatus?

MORE STOCK UNITS TO COME! Contact your Glick Account Manager for more information.

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