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Fire Chief / EMS Command Vehicles

Fire Chief Vehicles and EMS Command Vehicles

We sell the First Priority line of first responder, EMS and fire chief vehicles. For your fire or medical response vehicle needs we have a large variety of options to suit any need. Our knowledgeable representatives can work with you on all your conversion and upfit needs.

Full Customization

Each department has different needs for their fire chief vehicles. That’s why each unit is customized for your specific needs. Tell your representative how your fire command vehicle operates and we will provide options. Do you need a whiteboard? A place for gear? A light tower? A huge, touchscreen monitor and computer? No problem!

Types of Conversion Packages

Vehicle conversion and upfits include:

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Do you have questions? Contact your local Glick representative today! Click here to locate your local Glick representative.

Fire Chief Vehicles

Your team needs quick direction, take charge with a Fire Chief Vehicle from Glick Fire Equipment. We work closely with you to help determine your department’s needs and how to best help you address them. When you’re on scene, you need to be aware and the ability to make quick, informed decisions. We help you stay on top of every situation with a Fire Chief Vehicle designed specifically for your department’s needs – not just for today, but for the future as well.

We offer fully-customized, durable and quality craftsmanship to ensure that your Chief Vehicle is built to serve every purpose and endure the rigorous demands you’ll meet while on scene.

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EMS Response Vehicles

You don’t always know the full situation when responding to the call – but with an EMS Response Vehicle from Glick Fire Equipment, you’ll be prepared!

Our sales reps are available to help you plan a configured vehicle that will allow you to quickly arrive on scene prepared to handle whatever the situation throws at you.

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Emergency Vehicle Financing

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