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Stock Ambulances

Stock Ambulances For Sale

Glick Fire Equipment has a selection of stock ambulances for sale. If you are looking for an ambulance now, a stock ambulance may be your best solution. Stock units offer quick turnaround at a reduced cost. Many stock units can still be customized to fit your specifications.

What is a stock ambulance?

A stock ambulance is normally built with a specific intention: demonstrations. New safety features and technology are constantly added to ambulances. How do we show those new features to departments? We build and take a demonstration ambulance to shows and potential customers to show and explain the newest features. At some point, the ambulance will need to be sold.

Stock ambulances still allow for customization.

There are still many options available when you purchase a stock ambulance from Glick Fire Equipment. Interior features can still be changed. Exterior lighting and camera systems can also be adjusted. Our stock ambulances for sale are typically white. Custom paint and graphics options are always available.

Is there a warranty on a stock ambulance?

A warranty normally comes with a stock unit. Depending on when it was built, the warranty may already be in effect.

How much is a demonstration ambulance?

When we have a stock ambulance for sale, it will typically cost less than a fully-customized unit. The reason? As stated above, the ambulance has been driven and demonstrated. The ambulance will have some extra mileage. Aside from the mileage, everything else will be in as-new condition.

New stock ambulances for sale are being built right now.

Continue to check back regularly for an updated list of stock ambulances for sale. Stock ambulances are in high demand! We normally have departments purchase a unit as it is being built. If your service is looking for a replacement ambulance now, let us know. We might have something rolling off the line that will fit your needs.

We carry a variety of stock units. Please contact your Glick account manager for more information.


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