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First Priority Remounts

First Priority Emergency Vehicles

Today, sophisticated and durable emergency vehicles will far outlive the useful life of the chassis. Many ambulance bodies have a 15 year or greater life expectancy! First Priority specializes in remounting and refurbishing all manufacturers, makes and models of ambulances and rescues into a “like new” condition. They have experience with all major manufacturers and offer savings of as much as 50% off the cost of a new ambulance.

Contact your Glick sales rep today to discover how a First Priority remount might fit the needs of your community.

First Priority Remounts

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  • 620739_UnitedHookLadder_51
  • 620739_UnitedHookLadder_40
  • 620739_UnitedHookLadder_06
  • 620739_UnitedHookLadder_11
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