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Demers Ambulances

Demers Ambulances

Demers Ambulances

Demers Ambulances has been building quality ambulances since 1960. Demers has been providing top-quality ambulances with features to cater to your EMS needs.

Quality and safety testing

Testing the build quality is important to Demers. The cabinetry in each model can withstand a 4.5 ton pull test. The module’s construction uses locking roof and side walls, chemically bonded and welded together.

All seats receive pull testing to over 5,000 lbs. exceeding any requirements. Regardless of destination, every Demers ambulance surpasses all industry standards.

Demers has a great reputation for reliability and build quality. They have a dedication to providing the best ambulances in the industry.

Demers ambulances remounts

Demers offers certified, pre-owned Demers remounts. Demers purchases trade-in units from current customers. These units get remounted onto an in-stock new chassis. This results in a drastic cost reduction over a new ambulance. Contact your Glick ambulance representative for more information on Demers ambulances remount program.

More information

Have questions? Would you like more information? Check out the Demers website. Contact your local Glick ambulance representative for more information. Click here to find your local Glick ambulance representative.

Demers Ambulances

MXP 150 / Type I

The MXP 150 is our first to combine a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details, like greater insulation and isolation from the harsh elements.

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MXP 170 / Type I

The design philosophy was no different when it came to building our newest model, the MXP 170. With the most available payload in its class, this Type 1 ambulance gives you more versatility and more interior room to respond to any type of call.

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Transit Type II

This model is equipped with Ford’s new 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine that delivers a very good combination of fuel-economy and power.

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EX Sprinter Type II

  • Unique aerodynamic front cab riser
  • Best in Class payload capacity, Increased Fuel Economy, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • 75” rear Headroom
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MX 164 / Type III

The MX 164 ambulance is Demers’ workhorse and overall best value Type III ambulance. With hundreds of units in service around the world, this design offers best in class safety and ergonomics, reduced maintenance and multiple choices of optional layout features.

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MX 170 / Type III

The MX 170  is our state of the art, full size Type III ambulance, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS specialists.

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Remount & Retrofit

Demers offers certified, pre-owned Demers remounts. Demers purchases trade-ins from existing customers and these are now available for remounting. Demers also has an inventory of new chassis in stock, ranging from in model year depending on the OEM, engine and chassis type. This results in significant cost savings compared to a new ambulance.

Contact your Glick sales rep today to discover how a Demers remount might fit the needs of your community.

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Emergency Vehicle Financing

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