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Ambulance Sales in PA

Glick EMS Ambulance Sales and Service

New Ambulance Sales


Glick Fire Equipment is your preferred new ambulance sales dealership in Pennsylvania. In an effort to provide the right ambulance for your department’s needs, Glick Fire Equipment is partnered with Demers, Braun, and Crestline Ambulances. These manufacturers offer a dedication to providing dependability, safety, a wide range of options, along with continuous technology and feature enhancements.


Braun Ambulances

Provides custom Type I and Type III ambulances.

Demers Ambulances

Is a custom ambulance manufacturer of Type I, Type II and Type III ambulances.


CCL 150 Type III ambulance, and CCL 150 Type I ambulance.

EMS Response Vehicles

We are your dealership for EMS rapid response vehicles. Glick Fire Equipment is partnered with First Priority to provide custom EMS Response Vehicles to suit every situation.

Custom Remounts

Do you have an older ambulance? The medic module is made to far outlast the chassis it is built on. We provide ambulance remount sales. In a remount, the medic module is removed from the chassis and remounted onto a new chassis. This process can also include interior and exterior upgrades to your current medic module.

Service and Customization

Looking for ambulance repair services? Glick offers maintenance, repair, paint and body repair, custom fabrication and more!

More Information

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Emergency Vehicle Financing

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