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Used Apparatus

Used Apparatus: Fire Trucks And Ambulances for Sale

Are you looking for used fire trucks or ambulances?

We are your source for used fire trucks and ambulances!

We will help you locate the right used apparatus for your department’s needs. Contact your Glick account manager for help in finding a used fire truck, pumper, aerial or more. Our account managers are dedicated to helping you find the best apparatus for your communities needs.

We have a commitment to our customers to provide personalized service. In doing so, we offer to assist our customers in selling their pre-owned and used apparatus once their new unit is placed into service.

We will work with EMS ambulance customers to accept ambulance trade-in of their vehicle when purchasing a new Braun or Demers ambulance from Glick Fire Equipment. Please contact your ambulance account manager for information on the ambulances listed here.

See the current selection of used vehicles below. Click on any vehicle for more details. Contact us today for more information.

(updated: 06/26/2017)

2003 Used Type III Ambulance

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2004 Used Type III ambulance

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2000 Used Type III Ambulance

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2006 Used Braun Type III Ambulance

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2007 used Type III ambulance

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2005 Used Medium Duty Ambulance

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Emergency Vehicle Financing

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