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Thad Stevens Ascendant in Action

  • new Ascendant fire truck below grade operation
  • Thad Stevens new fire truck in action
  • new Ascendant below grade operation rescue
  • Thad Stevens new Ascendant rescue operation

Thad Stevens Ascendant in Action

Job Number: 30203

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Apparatus Details

Owl Rescue using the Pierce Ascendant

Thad Stevens Volunteer Fire Department wasted no time putting their new quint to work. Late in July 2017, the Animal Rescue League contacted the department for help. A young owl had escaped an enclosure and flew into a nearby tree. 225 Truck was called to the scene to assist in the technical rescue operation. 
Crews from station 222 and 225 were on scene to cut their way into the tree. They used ground ladders and the reach of the 107′ Ascendant ladder hoping to rescue the owl.
Assistant Chief Michael Stadelman shared his comments and a few photos. “So we put the truck to work last night for a technical owl rescue for the Animal Rescue League. LOL. Few pics at different angles, wish I would have taken more. We had the truck at different points. We had it in different positions, not to mention getting up in there was really tight. Wish I had it on video, it was impressive! Also impressed the hell out of a lot of people who were there, it was mind-blowing what we were able to do with it. Really impressive to see that thing doing what we wanted – off angles and reaches.”
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