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Refurbish Fire Apparatus

Is the cost of purchasing a new apparatus keeping your department from upgrading your fleet? Are you constantly repairing the engine, or paying someone else to do it? Have you looked at the cost to refurbish fire apparatus? As an alternative to buying a new unit, a refurbished fire apparatus could be an option.

Questions to ask if you plan to refurbish fire apparatus:

Not every apparatus is a good candidate to refurbish. Here are a few basic questions to help you determine if your apparatus would be eligible for the refurb process.

What is the process to refurbish fire apparatus?

Typically, the fire apparatus refurbishment process involves removing the body of the fire apparatus from the chassis. The process separates the compartments and equipment part of the apparatus from the cab and engine. The body is fitted to a new chassis. Upgrades are possible to the wiring, lighting and almost all other components of the fire apparatus. Pierce provides some additional basic information on the refurbishment process here.

The time it takes to refurbish a fire apparatus will vary depending on how much work needs done. For Masontown, the actual refurb process lasted about 4-5 months.

Of course, the fire apparatus was out of service for the duration of the refurbishment process. We have a full-time representative at Pierce who sends regular updates throughout each customer process. We provide pictures and details about the progress of each unit on the assembly line at Pierce. In doing so, we provide a higher level of service. Having someone on-site through the build process ensures each apparatus is completed as intended. These regular updates help provide peace of mind and can help resolve any issues in advance of final inspection without the need for several trips to the manufacturer.


Refurbished fire apparatus by Glick Fire Equipment:

Masontown Volunteer Fire Department

Masontown FD before refurbish fire apparatus Masontown VFD before refurbishment


MILFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT Pierce Enforcer Heave-Duty Rescue Refurb



Are you considering a fire apparatus refurb?

Give your local Glick Fire Apparatus account manager a call. It doesn’t matter who manufactured your original apparatus, we can guide you through the process and help plan the best option for your department. If you’re not sure who your local Glick account manager is, click here to find them.

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