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NEW Pierce® Ascendant and Command Zone

At FDIC 2015, Pierce® Mfg. announced a new product along with major improvements to Command Zone.

It all started with a hint of things to come. Pierce used various social media outlets teasing the impending splash they were going to make – and it was quite a splash! Their promises to change the industry and refusing to compromise were very well received. On April 24th, 2015 at 1pm, Pierce announced the new Ascendant 107′ aerial. The magic is really in the design as Pierce has managed to make an aerial of this size and put it on a single rear axle while still maintaining NFPA 1901 standards for stability. This new layout provides 107′ vertical height, 100′ horizontal reach without compromise to safety, water capacity or performance. There is no other aerial on the market like this!

The Ascendant not only offers superior reach, horizontally and vertically, but it also features 750 lb tip load (dry), 500 lb tip load (wet), 1,500 gpm flow, 35 mph wind operation and below grade operation of -10 degrees. All of this, along with 100 lbs of additional equipment allowance at the tip and the fact that it’s manufactured out of heavy-duty high-strength steel make the Ascendant extremely unique. This design allows for a single set of outriggers with one downrigger, positioned to provide for maximum stability. Pierce custom chassis choices for the Ascendant include the Arrow XT, Enforcer, Impel® or Velocity®.
The excitement surrounding this new product is outstanding! If you would like to learn more, please check out Pierce’s website here: or contact your local sales representative today. Or, to see it in person, stop by our booth at Fire Expo, May 15-17, 2015.

Another big Pierce announcement coming out of FDIC is the radically improved Command Zone. Pierce has taken your feedback about Command Zone and worked to improve the user interface to make it smarter and easier to navigate. Pierce is leading the way in the industry with the first ever prognostic capabilities – allowing you to diagnose, troubleshoot and reduce service time for your apparatus. Now, you will also have the power to monitor and maintain your apparatus, prepare for calls and monitor performance on scene all in one convenient, easy to understand place. The Command Zone interface is available via tablet or through the Command Zone Information Center. With a built-in Information Center, features include a 7″ industrial-grade touchscreen in a sealed enclosure with an anti-reflective coating making it easy to view, even in bright daylight conditions. Up to five devices can connect via wi-fi to share data in real-time on scene.
Along with prognostic capabilities, users are also able to monitor seatbelts and control HVAC and lighting. Advanced data logging will record faults, warning and cautions and the system is reprogrammable via USB. Other options for Command Zone include: GPS mapping, monitoring dispatch, collision mitigation, monitoring tire pressure, hydrant locations, various pressure monitoring, water points, outrigger placement and responding apparatus monitoring – all in real time.
For more information about this updated Command Zone, please check Pierce’s website here: or contact your local sales representative representative.

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