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LED Headlights – Retrofit

LED Headlights

– LED headlights provide increased visibility, dependability and safety for your fire apparatus. Glick Fire Equipment proudly offers retrofit installation of LED headlights for current fire apparatus. It doesn’t matter what type of headlights are on your fire truck, Glick Fire Equipment is able to retrofit them with a new LED headlights system.

Now is the time to upgrade your older headlight system to the safer, brighter and more reliable LED headlights!

Replacing halogen headlights adds up over time. A single LED headlight from J.W. Speaker will last an equivalent of 50 halogen bulbs. That means you’ll save time changing bulbs. You’ll also save money over time by not needing to replace bulbs. Not only do you save time and money with an LED bulb system, they are also safer than traditional or halogen lights. The bright white LED light improves visibility and is proven to keep drivers more alert. LED headlights offer increased safety and visibility. The crisp white light and precise beam patterns direct bright white light exactly where drivers need it – for increased visibility and safer driving conditions. The rugged construction of longer-lasting LEDs offer superior performance and durability, ensuring you never lose a light while on a call.

Have you been interested in upgrading your fire truck’s current headlight system? Are you unsure if an LED headlight system is compatible with your fire apparatus? We can answer all your questions. Contact our team today and request a free quote at no obligation!

Eastern PA: To request your free quote call Tracy today at: 1-800-723-1055

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JW Speaker LED HeadlightsJW Speaker LED Headlights

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