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Fire Truck Tire Maintenance

Fire truck tire maintenance can be a bit confusing. Does the total weight of the apparatus matter? What signs of wear should signal red flags? How often should you check the tires?

Fire Truck Tire Maintenance - Damaged Tires


We’re here to help!Fire Truck Tire Maintenance - Damage under treads

No matter what type of vehicle you use within your department, regular tire inspection and maintenance is essential in the safety and operation of your department’s apparatus. Regular visual inspection will immediately indicate if there is a problem. You will be able to spot regular rub points, punctures, missing pieces and other road damage. We recommend monthly inspection as a minimum to ensure proper fire truck tire maintenance.

During an inspection you should also check:

Be sure to also inspect tread depth during regular maintenance intervals. Tire inflation should never be a visual-only inspection! Use a calibrated tire gauge to determine the actual inflation levels of your apparatus tires. Proper tire inflation is key to avoiding many problems associated with how your truck handles, tire wear, tire failure and beyond.

How do you find the proper inflation level for your fire apparatus tires?

The detail plate will list the max pressure. You cannot rely on the detail plate alone. Typically, you need to know the weight of your apparatus and the manufacturer of the tires on your fire truck. The manufacturer of the tires will have a chart posted on their website listing the various tires with weight combinations. It is recommended to perform an internet search of the apparatus tire model, manufacturer and the term “inflation chart” to find the appropriate chart. Use this chart, along with the current weight of your fire truck to determine the appropriate inflation.

Still have questions about your fire truck tire maintenance?

As always, the service team at Glick Fire Equipment is available to help with any questions you may have or to help schedule service. Just use the contact info below to reach us – day or night. Need us to come to you? No problem! Our mobile service technicians offer the same excellent repair and maintenance service.

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