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EMS Change Notice 10

Ambulance Equipment Mounting

Change Notice 10 went in effect July 1, 2017. New ambulance specifications require loose equipment and monitors to be secured in the patient module. Cabinets, drawers and pouch systems will also need to remain secure for their weight-rated load in a crash-level event. Frequently used equipment (monitors and oxygen) will need mounted in a crash-worthy mounting device.

SEAJ3043 tested mounting system from Technimount. Shown are the monitor mount and stretcher arm attachment.

What is covered under Change Notice 10?


Covers equipment mount testing. Frequently used equipment should be mounted in a crash-worthy mounting device.


Covers cabinets, drawers and pouch systems. cabinets and storage devices should be crash-tested to a weighted load. Compartment planning will help inform what hardware and cabinets should be used for what will be stored in them. Rated load will include hardware, materials and construction methods.


New standards set forth by SAE J3043 and SAE J3058 help ensure greater safety in the event of a crash-level event. Securing regularly used equipment with a mounting system makes sense to us here at Glick. We have researched manufacturers and found Technimount offers an SAE J3043-rated mounting system. Technimount has a base and bracket system that allows equipment to easily move from one location to another quickly while securely holding the equipment in place. Whether you are purchasing a new ambulance or need to retrofit your current fleet, Technimount offers the ease of a single system – lock any equipment into any Technimount base. No matter the brand of your equipment, Technimount brackets fit!

NIOSH put together a nice video series to explain the reason behind the changes and updates. Head on over to YouTube and search for them or click this link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fKa0yWfhvGs&list=PL7_dZsPi2ewfpYmRVfY17vehLthV1W89d

For more information about Technimount and their bracket system, click this link: https://www.technimount.com/


Don’t just wait until your next ambulance purchase to ensure the safety of your personnel. Need more information? Contact your Glick EMS account manager for additional information about Change Notice 10, Technimount or for help with purchasing your next ambulance.

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