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Buying Stock Fire Apparatus

buy stock fire apparatus - stock Pierce Ascendant available for purchase

Purchasing Stock Fire Apparatus

– You’ve researched to find the best configuration for your next apparatus purchase. Maybe you’ve even started talking with sales representatives from the manufacturers you are considering. Your current apparatus might be beyond repair and you need something quick. You might have looked at buying a used fire truck. Consider one more option: stock or demonstration fire apparatus.

What is stock fire apparatus?

Stock fire apparatus units are built by manufacturers to sometimes be used as demonstrators to help show features and configurations that are available. These units are often gently used and have rarely seen any real action or use, with mainly highway miles.  Other stock units are built and staged to be available for immediately delivery based on the needs in the marketplace.  For example, during the fire season in the western parts of the United States, Wildland units might be built and staged in anticipation of the need for a quick turnaround.

The benefits of buying stock fire apparatus:

Stock apparatus can be attractive to buyers who have some flexibility. Consider that a fully custom rig will have an 8 to 14-month production lead-time depending upon the application. A stock apparatus already built, with minimal modifications –could be delivered almost immediately.

The price of stock fire apparatus:

When looking at the cost of a fully-custom build-to-order fire apparatus, a similar stock unit will sometimes cost considerably less. Depending on the unit, the market needs, and other variables, a manufacturer might be motivated to move a unit at an exceptional price. Even though a stock unit may be a year or two off the assembly line it still hasn’t been placed in service. With Pierce, the one-year standard warranty doesn’t start until the stock fire apparatus is sold and delivered. However, depending upon the age, OEM warranties my already be in effect and the remaining warranty would still be available.  For example, a Cummins or Detroit engine comes with a 5-year warranty.  If the apparatus was two years old when it was sold, three years of the engine warranty would be remaining.

Buying stock apparatus doesn’t mean you’re completely locked in.

Even though the truck is already built, there is usually still plenty of room for customization. Manufacturers like Pierce are able to make modifications at the factory. A dealership, such as Glick Fire Equipment who specializes in custom fabrication, is capable of handling all custom shelving, tool boards, tool mounting, generator, foam systems, etc.  Glick Fire Equipment is even able to repaint the entire rig to match your department’s current apparatus if needed.

purchase stock fire apparatus - custom shelving and tool mounting

Interested in purchasing a stock apparatus?

When you consider the options during your search for buying new apparatus, take a moment to explore purchasing a stock fire apparatus. You might find exactly what you need gaining savings for your department and your community. Talk with your Glick Sales Rep. and ask them if there are any stock configurations available that match your specs. Discuss your department needs and let them help you find the right apparatus.

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