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Ascendant comparison

Pierce Ascendant comparison

Recently, Pierce shared pictures of an Ascendant comparison demo with a 75′ ladder. Obviously, 107′ is longer than the 75′, but what exactly does that mean?



The pictures speak volumes – just look at that reach! In the above pictures this Ascendant goes above and beyond the 75′ ladder (yes, it’s fully extended) and provides improved coverage while still maintaining the smaller, single rear axle footprint. The pictures show that the 75′ ladder wasn’t quite able to reach the roof line of this housing complex, while the Ascendant not only reaches but goes well past the top of the building.

Why the comparison?

Why were these two units compared? Up until the now, departments could only reach up to 75′ with an aerial ladder truck with a single rear axle. The Ascendant comparison demonstrates the increased capabilities and reach without the added length of a second rear axle. The new 107′ aerial’s length and height is closely comparable to that of the 75′ counterpart. For departments with a smaller station, this comparable footprint means being able to reach further without building a new station.

Want to learn more?

We have more information on the Ascendant on our Fire Apparatus page. You can also check out Pierce’s Ascendant page for additional information. If you have specific questions please feel free to reach out to your Glick Fire Equipment sales rep. There is a link at the end of this article with a link to find your local rep if you’re not sure how to contact them.

The Ascendant continues to be an amazing apparatus and we enjoy being able to show it off. If your department would like to see it in action, please contact your local Glick Fire Equipment sales rep. If you would like to set up your own Ascendant comparison event, let us know! We can bring our stock unit to you for a demo against your current aerial. If you’re not sure who your local sales rep is, click here.

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