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Ambulance Safety

ambulance safety - braun ambulances rollover and crash testing

Ambulance safety is important.

Ambulances should be safe. How can Braun prove the ambulances they have been building ARE safe? Braun takes their ambulance safety very seriously. Earlier this year Braun ambulances began crash testing their ambulances.

Braun began testing the crash safety of their ambulances with a rollover test. They purchased a 10 year old unit back from a customer and produced their first test, sure that even a unit built back then would hold up today. Braun worked with the leader in automotive testing and developed a rollover test to emulate the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) body integrity test. In March of 2016 Braun went to work testing the safety of this older ambulance.

The result? The patient compartment held up very well under a full rollover! Braun is very proud of the results of their testing. They have made the video available for anyone to see. If you’d like to see it for yourself, you can watch it online here:


Further testing

Soon after the rollover test results, plans formed to continue testing. Braun has since produced several other crash tests. In June of 2016, another round of tests were completed. Braun further tested their ambulance safety features in more rollover and added side impact testing.

Recently, Braun has released video and results of the additional rollover and side impact crash testing. You can view the video here:


The importance of ambulance safety testing

Ambulance safety is important to Braun, and it’s important to us! We are excited to see such importance placed on crash safety. Glick Fire Equipment is proud to be partnered with Braun ambulances.

For more information on the crash testing that Braun performed on their ambulances, check out their story here.

About Braun Ambulances

Braun has been building custom ambulances since 1972. They continue to innovate with safety as a focus. Braun has built a solid reputation for producing quality custom ambulances. For more information about the Braun ambulances we sell, check out our Braun page. For other information about Braun ambulances, check out their website here.

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