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Air Conditioning Service For All Your Fire Apparatus EMS Vehicles

fire apparatus and EMS air conditioning service and repair

Time to check your air conditioning unit

Spring has finally arrived. As the cooler days start to get warmer, it’s important to start thinking ahead to summer. It’s time to check the air conditioning in all fire trucks, ambulances and vehicles in your department’s fleet.

Air Conditioning Service Checklist

Here is a little checklist to help you through checking each vehicle:

  1. Start the vehicle and turn the air conditioning on high.
  2. Listen to the engine. Does the compressor clutch engage while the air conditioner is running? Is there a rapid clicking sound? If the clutch is not engaging, or there are rapid clicking sounds, these could be indications of low refrigerant or possibly deeper issues.
  3. Feel the air coming out of the vents. Is the air cooler? If not, this could be another indication of low refrigerant.
  4. With the engine off and the air conditioner still running, listen for any knocking or rumbling noises from the area of the compressor. This could be an indication of a failing compressor clutch or loose mounting hardware.
  5. Check all engine belts for cracking or excessive wear. Also check the belts are tight.
  6. Inspect all engine hoses for cracks, cuts or leaks. Leakage on air conditioning hoses is typically indicated by collected dirt and gunk at the affected area.
  7. Check the condenser for dirt and debris. Any debris can block airflow and reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.


Convenient Service Options

Now is the time to schedule service if you suspect there is a problem with the air conditioning system on any fire apparatus or EMS vehicle in your department.

We can perform air conditioning service at any of our service facilities. A Glick road service technician can come out to your station to check the air conditioning systems of all apparatus in your department.

Call or email the Glick service department today and schedule your air conditioning inspection and maintenance today!

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