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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Fire Truck Air Conditioning Maintenance

The cold winter days are just a faded memory now, and the heat of summer is practically here. Sometimes the best part of being out on a long, hot call in the summer isn’t when the fire is finally out. Sometimes, the best part is climbing into that cool and refreshing air conditioned cab. Not too long ago, air conditioning wasn’t an available option. Those that have been around for a while will tell you that in their day, air conditioning meant driving faster! But with enclosed cabs, we’re all a little spoiled. It’s important to remember that fire truck air conditioning maintenance should be on your preventative maintenance schedule. Your department should have the A/C unit on your apparatus checked and recharged (if needed) regularly. Don’t wait for those super-hot dog days to come and realize that your A/C unit can’t keep up!

At Glick Fire Equipment, we offer fire truck air conditioning maintenance and repair. We have a multi-point inspection of the entire system to ensure it is running at its best.

The Compressor

We check the proper oil and the correct amount are in your air conditioning system. Too much heat and incorrect or low oil will cause your compressor to give out early. No matter who the manufacturer of your fire apparatus, we will determine the correct type of oil and ensure the right amount is present.

The Evaporator

You may have been told that evaporators will never need to be cleaned. The truth is, the evaporator can still be clogged with dirt, lint and other foreign matter. Any foreign matter can cling to the cooling fins and reduce air flow. The evaporator can also be a haven for mold and bacteria. If you have an unpleasant smell when you turn on the a/c the chances are it’s time for some maintenance. Of course, an evaporator filter can help cut down on contaminants. Consider having one installed if a filter is not already present.

The Condenser

The condenser is another location that may become clogged by debris and dirt. A routine visual inspection of the condenser fans will reveal any problems. If the condenser fans are on top of the apparatus, branches and leaves may get lodged in the fan blades. If the air conditioner condenser is located in the engine housing, road debris may reduce or restrict fan movement. Usually a quick cleaning of these parts can restore any reduced performance caused by the debris.

fire truck air conditioner unit on top of cab


Typically, an air conditioning system that does not cool well is a symptom of a leak somewhere in the system. A Glick Service Technician will utilize gauges to check pressure levels across the system. If there is a leak, we will be able to pinpoint where the leak is happening! Of course, you can do a quick check yourself. Inspect the fittings and any hoses connected to the air conditioning system on your fire truck. Any evidence of refrigerant oil is a possible leak. If you suspect a possible leak, give us a call to explore your options.

Don’t wait until the heat of summer proves your air conditioning system needs maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance service. Whether you bring your truck to us, or we bring ours to you, the friendly service technicians at Glick Fire Equipment will keep your fire truck in top condition.

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