Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.

Cochran Hose Company – Sewickley Fire Dept

Cochran Hose Company – Sewickley Fire Dept

Allegheny County, PA
Pierce Enforcer 107’ Tandem Axle Aerial

Account Manager: Sam Gates

Thank you and Congratulations to Cochran Hose Company and The Borough of Sewickley for their purchase of a Pierce Enforcer 107’ Tandem Axle Aerial!

This aerial will feature::

The rear of this apparatus is unique to its design for the topography of Allegheny County, having a shortened width rear-end equaling 88.00” wide, and a 5.00” raised rear for better turning capabilities, and better approach and departure abilities. The 107’ Tandem Aerial only has (2) H-Frame jacks that come out towards the front during aerial operations for a smaller set-up footprint, while leaving the rear (2) stabilizers recessed to the body going straight down to the ground. This product gives you a 16’ Jack spread and 18” ground penetration, with 750/500 Tip load rated to 50MPH winds and ¼” of ice.

Including the aerial device with a shortened egress for store front blitz operations, this truck has 338’ of ladders! With the help of Sam Massa, CEO from FireTech HiViz, this aerial has 360-degree scene lighting, and this will be the first aerial product to the area with FireTech HiViz 360-degree Emergency lighting (OMEN 24” light bars, FT-HVC-GSMJR-WN side and rear warning lights, including rear HiViz-HVC-OMEN-6, 6.00” Half Beacons), and their brand-new DOT certified turn signals, brake lights, and reverse light products!

Cochran Hose Volunteer Fire Company has been a Glick and Pierce customer since 1991! We are extremely grateful for their continued trust in Glick Fire Equipment and their loyalty to Pierce Manufacturing!

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