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Emergency Apparatus Orientation

Fire Apparatus Orientation

Purchasing your apparatus from Glick Fire Equipment means that we also take the time to show your department all the features of your new equipment before you put it into service. We have a full-time specialist at each office to provide orientation to your personnel, of the entire vehicle, and conveniently offer day and evening sessions to best suit the schedule of your department.
Our specialists put together a customized electronic presentation, highlighting the important safety features and operational procedures of your specific vehicle. All of the photos used in the presentation are of your apparatus. Just like your truck is unique, so is your department’s orientation session.

After the presentation, a hands-on approach is then taken which facilitates both a classroom and active participation learning environment – giving your department enhanced, in-depth orientation.
You can be confident in knowing that our specialists are also firefighters – not only do they know the equipment, but they use it themselves in real, working scenarios. Once finished with the session, all presentations are archived for later reference and use. Future sessions can be booked at any time for new personnel or refresher courses.

Current areas of operational orientation:

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