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Ambulance Safety

ambulance safety - braun ambulances rollover and crash testing

Ambulance safety is important. Ambulances should be safe. How can Braun prove the ambulances they have been building ARE safe? Braun takes their ambulance safety very seriously. Earlier this year Braun ambulances began crash testing their ambulances. Braun began testing the crash safety of their ambulances with a rollover test. They purchased a 10 year old unit […]

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Glick at a Glance – Winter 2016

Glick newsletter - Glick at a Glance winter 2016 newsletter

Glick Newsletter Merry Christmas from Glick Fire Equipment! The winter edition of our 2016 Glick newsletter is hot off the digital presses. What’s Inside Grease Grits – Scorpion spray on protective coatings can reduce the wear and tear on your apparatus. Read more in our Grease Grits article on page 4. Ambulance News – We’ve […]

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Buying Stock Fire Apparatus

buy stock fire apparatus - stock Pierce Ascendant available for purchase

Purchasing Stock Fire Apparatus – You’ve researched to find the best configuration for your next apparatus purchase. Maybe you’ve even started talking with sales representatives from the manufacturers you are considering. Your current apparatus might be beyond repair and you need something quick. You might have looked at buying a used fire truck. Consider one […]

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Light Tower Maintenance

Will-Burt Night Scan light tower - collapsed view on top of fire engine

Light tower maintenance We’d like to take a moment to discuss an item of general maintenance that should be on your preventative list before the winter weather hits. Light tower maintenance. Determine if your light tower mast needs cleaned. Most light towers come from the manufacturer pre-lubricated. Under normal operating conditions it will require no […]

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Glick at a Glance – Fall 2016

Glick at a Glance fall 2016 newsletter - cover

Fall is here already and our latest Glick at a Glance newsletter is now available. We’ve got information about how to maintain your light tower, the new Demers Type II Ford Transit, new deliveries and recent sales. Click here to read it or download it and take it with you on the go!

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Fire Grant Program

PA fire grants website - Pennsylvania state fire commissioner's website

This year’s fire grant program Are you doing all you can to obtain available fire grant money for your department? The Fire Company, Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program (FCVASGP) is open again for a short time this year. This year’s applications will be accepted from September 7 through October 21, 2016. The office of the […]

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Road Rally

Glick road rally - Pierce Ascendant demonstration event

Road Rally event: Glick Fire Equipment will be holding a road rally event – across the state of Pennsylvania! We are bringing our 2016 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant PUC pumper all the way across the state, making stops along the way to show off the capabilities of Pierce’s new aerial. Join us for live demonstrations and more. […]

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Fire Truck Cooling System

fire apparatus radiator coolant maintenance

  How often should you check the antifreeze levels on a fire truck or ambulance? You should incorporate a visual check of your radiator and coolant system into the regular inspection of every apparatus in your department. As often as you check other fluid levels, you should also perform a check of your coolant level. […]

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Glick at a Glance – Summer 2016

It’s summer 2016 and we have a new edition of Glick at a Glance – hot off the presses! Curious how to test the coolant system on your fire engine? Read some maintenance tips inside. Do you want to buy a used ambulance? We have some listed in here. Plus, our recent deliveries and more – […]

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Keystone Firefighter Conference – July 2016

The Keystone Firefighter Conference is just around the corner! If you’re looking for details about this firefighter conference, you’ve come to the right place! Over the next few weeks we will be giving away tickets through our social media pages. What: The Keystone Firefighter Conference When: July 15, 16 & 17, 2016 Where: Greater Philadelphia […]

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Pierce fire truck air conditioning maintenance - air conditioner unit

Fire Truck Air Conditioning Maintenance The cold winter days are just a faded memory now, and the heat of summer is practically here. Sometimes the best part of being out on a long, hot call in the summer isn’t when the fire is finally out. Sometimes, the best part is climbing into that cool and […]

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PA Fire Expo 2016

PA Fire Expo 2016 - logo and dates

This year’s PA Fire Expo is rapidly approaching. We will be there again this year with several Pierce units from departments all around the state. This year, we will also have a new configuration of the Ascendant, which was unveiled a few weeks ago at FDIC. The new Ascendant on display will be a traditional […]

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Emergency Vehicle Financing

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